My sprinkler heads are constantly being destroyed by my yard guy. They are set up a bit high, and the mower gets them every time. My grass is thick and high. What is the tallest pop up that you carry?


There are two issues that appear here: 1. Sprinklers are sitting a bit too high. * Sprinklers on risers: – You will need to change out the riser style to swing joints. You will need to either purchase a swing joint or purchase funny pipe and adapters. This will give you the flexibility to adjust the height of the sprinklers in the ground. * Sprinklers on swing joints: – Dig down around the sprinkler and lower it so the top of the sprinkler is flat with the ground.

2. Need a taller sprinkler. * The most common size for spray heads is 4″. If you have 2″ or 3″ heads then you definitely will want to replace them with 4″. Remember sizes are determined by the height they pop up and not the length of their bodies. You will need to use a swing joint (see answer above) to install a taller sprinkler.