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Installing a rain sensor is a great way to save water. There's nothing more embarrassing, wasteful or costly than a sprinkler system that runs when it doesn't have the rain. Click here to find a rain sensor to help you save water.

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Sprinklers & System Parts

Every Part for Your Lawn Sprinkler System & Irrigation System

Whether you are preparing to install new a sprinkler system, or just looking for sprinkler parts for your current irrigation system, we can help. We carry all the needed sprinkler parts and supplies for irrigation and sprinkler systems including small garden drip systems, lawn sprinkler systems, and larger agricultural irrigation projects; not to mention the parts you need for your outdoor lighting or pond. Browse through a large selection of spray heads, rotors, controllers and timers, valves, polyethylene tubing, fittings, system parts and more.

Sprinkler System Designing >>>

Browse through our collection of Rotor and Spray Head sprinklers, Impact sprinklers, Wobblers, Nozzles, and SuperStand Sprinklers.

We carry all major brands of high quality electronic valves, as well as manual gate and ball valves.

Choose a sprinkler controller / timer that supports the number of stations your sprinkler or irrigation system has and carries the features you need.

Selection of fittings for PVC and poly pipe, compression fittings, brass fittings, galvanized fittings and many more in every shape and size.

Quality poly pipe, swing / funny pipe, flexible PVC, and Blu-Lock tubing.

Backflow preventers prevent any water from entering the general water lines from your sprinkler system.

The most efficient and economical way to keep debris from clogging your lines, heads or valves on your sprinkler or irrigation system.

Large selection of Pressure Regulators to control the pressure of your irrigation system.

With Flo-Well, water dispersion is now easier than ever. A simple solution to get rid of storm water.

We carry only the best in lawn sprinklers, including top brands like , and many others so you are sure to find the parts you need. Looking for ways to conserve water this season? Many of our products are proven water savers. Also, be sure to check out our online installation manual, which contains valuable tips and information that can help you as you install or maintain your lawn sprinkler systems.


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