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Sprinkler Pipe / Tubing

Sprinkler Pipe / Tubing

Quality Sprinkler Pipe and Tubing

Flexible and durable pipe, great for cold climates. Commonly used in garden and drip systems.

Used as a flexible connection between the water line and the sprinkler/watering device.

Explore the differences between Funny Pipe and Poly Pipe.

Uses the same PVC fittings as regular PVC while remaining flexible.

The most commonly used pipe for sprinkler systems and irrigation.

Includes corrugated pipe and dry-well systems.

Swing / Funny Pipe Installation >>>

Poly pipe is available in regular, low density, and height density. Poly pipe is used with barbed poly pipe insert fittings in conjunction with poly pipe clamps; generally used in garden systems. Swing Pipe, on the other hand, is usually used to connect sprinklers to the pipe. Most PVC pipe is rigid; however, it is also available as flexible PVC pipe. Flexible PVC pipe uses the same PVC fittings as regular PVC, but it remains flexible. PVC pipe and fittings use solvent weld glue. Because the difficulty of shipping rigid PVC which comes in ten to twenty foot length, we only offer flexible PVC. PVC sprinkler pipe is capable of handling higher pressures and is not as easily damaged by shovels. No matter what type of sprinkler system pipe you need, we can help.

Flo-Well Dry Well Drainage System

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