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Funny Pipe vs. Poly Pipe

Ever wonder what the difference is between Funny Pipe (Swing Pipe) and 1/2" Poly Pipe?

Many people confuse these two types of pipe because in most cases, they look and feel almost identical. Here we present a few characteristics that define Funny pipe and Poly Pipe (also known as polyethylene pipe), and we give guidelines so you know what pipe to use in which application.

First, their purposes are different. is used as a flexible connection between the lateral line and the sprinkler.
Funny Pipe Funny Pipe

1/2" is most commonly used as a lateral line in the drip (micro irrigation) portion of a sprinkler system.
Poly Pipe Polyethylene Pipe

Second, the ID (inner diameter) size is different--Funny Pipe is roughly 3/8". 1/2" Poly Pipe's ID is a little over 1/2". Poly pipe fittings and Funny pipe fittings cannot be used interchangeably.

The following pictures show some examples of Poly Pipe and Funny Pipe (Swing Pipe) fittings.
Click here or Fitting Identification Chart


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