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Poly Pipe

Poly Pipe tubing is a reliable and sturdy. Made from polyethylene plastic, poly pipe is highly-resistant to corrosion, tough against freezing, and long lasting. It is easy to use and easy to install with it being strong, flexible, durable, and lightweight. Poly pipe is great to use for garden irrigation, drip systems, and sprinkler systems. Recommended for cold climates.

Choose a size:

1/4 inch Poly Pipe
1/4" Poly Pipe

1/2 inch Poly Pipe
1/2" Poly Pipe

3/4 inch Poly Pipe
3/4" Poly Pipe

1 inch Poly Pipe
1" Poly Pipe

Uses and Applications:

The most common use of poly pipe, within the irrigation industry, is for garden irrigation systems and drip systems. Using the 1/2" to 1" tubing as a main line, it is easy create an irrigation system for a garden that will last for years. You can use poly pipe fittings that work in conjunction with many drip fittings to customize each section to match the needs of the plants that are being watered.

Polyethylene is one of the most common plastics used. Other poly pipe applications outside of the irrigation industry include drainage, water storage, gas, home water systems, sewage, and compressed air.

High Density vs. Low Density

High density (HDPE) pipe has a higher tensile strength and intermolecular force, or in other words, it is essentially stronger and will last longer than low density poly pipe (LDPE). The higher density also causes the poly pipe to be harder and less flexible. So it is important to understand what application the poly pipe tubing will be used for when decided whether you want HDPE or LDPE.

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