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Hunter Spray Head Nozzles

Get the Hunter sprinkler nozzles you need for the specs you have.

We all face it: the challenge to find the best way to efficiently water a multitude of different landscapes. Whether turf, shrubs or annual color - whatever sprinkler spray head you choose - Hunter has a vast array of spray head nozzle choices. From adjustable arcs to fixed patterns, to short radius, micro-sprays or pressure-compensating bubblers, to corner strips , side strips or stream sprays, the one you need is at Hunter. Each Hunter spray nozzle is color-coded to easily identify flow rate, engineered to excel.

Hunter Spray Head Adjustable Nozzles Hunter Spray Head Fixed Pattern Nozzles Hunter Spray Head Micro Spray Nozzles
Adjustable Arc Nozzles
Cover all the angles. Hunters new adjustable nozzles are made to cover all those in-between angles.
Fixed Pattern Nozzles
These Hunter spray nozzles have precise edges and optimum droplet size, delivering superior matched precipitation for the most populare arc settings.
Micro Sprays
These Hunter sprinkler nozzles provide innovative watering solutions for narrow turf areas, planter boxes, and slopes.
Hunter Spray Head Bubblers
A whole new generation in bubbler technology offers all the precision of drip, but none of the maintenance hassles.


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