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Backflow Preventers

Wilkins backflow prevention devices for irrigation systems, are integral in the fight to keep our water clean, because they are designed to isolate sprinkler systems from municipal water supply.

Backflow Preventers are a crucial part to every sprinkler system. A backflow preventer stops water from flowing backward through your system and into your main water line. Wilkins backflow assemblies are an excellent choice for any irrigation system.
Wilkins 975XL Series Wilkins 720a series Wilkins 420 Series
Wilkins 975XL Series
The 975XL Series protects against both backsiphonage and backpressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply.
Wilkins 720a Series
The Wilkins 720A is a solid, time-tested performer with a simple design, meaning fewer parts and lower maintenance costs.
Wilkins 420 Series
The built-in relief valve allows water to escape the cavity of the valve as temperatures fall, allowing time to properly winterize and insulate.
Wilkins 950XLT Series Wilkins 375 Series Wilkins 40 Series
Wilkins 950XLT Series
The 950XLT is the easiest backflow on the market to test and maintain, and provides the greatest value.
Wilkins 375 Series
Never before has a backflow preventer been so easy to service, to winterize, or to fit in tight spaces.
Wilkins 40 Series
The Wilkins 40 Series is used to help eliminate pressure fluctuations, or downstream water hammer conditions.
Wilkins 700 Series Hose Bib Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breaker Repair Kits / Parts for Backflow Preventers
Wilkins 700 Series
The Wilkins 700 Series Dual checks are used in low hazard applications where a fully approved, testable backflow preventer is not required.
Hose Bib Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breaker
Repair Kits / Parts for Backflow Preventers
Find the parts and kits you need to repair your wilkins backflow preventer.

Backflow preventers prevent any water from entering the general water lines from your sprinkler system. Many municipalities require their residents to use backflow preventers by law-some municipalities have specific recommendations or requirements. Regardless of legal requirements a backflow preventer device is highly recommended.


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