FLO-WELL FWFF67 Landscape Fabric Wrap


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Product Description

7′ long x 2′ wide to surround Flo-Well Drywell System. Non-woven fabric. Weight 1 oz. Mullen burst 175 psi. 200 GPM flow through.

Flo-Well Storm Water Leaching System
With the Flo-Well, water can now be discharged into the subsoil rapidly and easily. Unlike competitive systems, there is no need for piping systems to transport storwater to a far-off discharge point, large heavy equipment, considerable excavation of current landscaped areas, nor large labor costs that those systems incur. With Flo-Well, water dispersion is now easier than ever.

Flo-Well Drainage System
Flo-Well solutions for stormwater retention and discharge elimination
New stormwater regulations extend to projects distributing more than 1 acre and mandate stormwater retention and discharge elimination requirements for these projects. Regulations and permits now cover “any method of conveying surface water, including streets, gutters, ditches, swales, orany other manmade structure that alters and/or directs wet-weather flows”.

These regulations impact:
• Construction site runoff control.
• Post-construction site runoff controls.

Flo-Well offers on-site solutions to retain stormwater and discharge it into the subsoil:
• Complies with new stormwater regulations.
• Installs without the need for heavy equipment.
• Cost effective solutions.
• Helps to replenish ground water table levels.

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