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Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation Systems

Whether you are preparing to install a new sprinkler system, or just looking for parts for your current irrigation system, we can help. We carry all the needed sprinkler parts and irrigation supplies for lawn sprinkler systems including, small garden drip irrigation systems, lawn sprinkler systems, and larger agricultural irrigation projects, not to mention the parts you need for your outdoor lighting and pond. Browse through our large selection of spray head sprinklers, rotor sprinklers, sprinkler controllers / sprinkler timers, sprinkler valves, polyethylene tubing, fittings, sprinkler system parts and more.

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Lawn Sprinklers

Spray Head Sprinklers, Rotors, Impact Sprinklers, Wobbler Sprinklers, Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles, SuperStand Sprinklers and more.


We carry all major brands of high quality electronic valves, as well as manual gate and ball valves.


Choose a sprinkler controller or timer that supports the number of stations your system has and carries the features you need.

Pipe and Tubing

We carry quality poly pipe, swing or funny pipe, flexible PVC, and Blu-Lock tubing. With multiple sizes and configurations, you are sure to find what you need.


Browse our selection of PVC fittings, poly pipe fittings, compression fittings, brass fittings, galvanized fittings and many more in every shape and size.

System Parts

Here you can find everything from glue and teflon tape to backflow preventers, pressure regulators and manifolds.

Drip Irrigation Systems
Drip Irrigation

Drip systems are perfect to use in flowerbeds, shrubs, gardens, and other applications. We carry many parts to complete or create the drip irrigation system you need.

Sprinkler System Tools and Accessories
Tools and Accessories

We carry many of the tools you need to make installing or maintaining your sprinkler system go more smoothly and quickly, including pipe cutters, Leatherman tools, stop & waste keys, and work gloves.

Outdoor Living Products
Outdoor Living

Bring the convenience of indoor utilities out into your landscape by installing a stylish outdoor Drinking Fountain.

We carry only the best in lawn sprinklers, including top brands like Hunter Industries, Rain Bird and many others so you are sure to find the parts you need. Looking for ways to conserve water this season? Many of our irrigation supplies products are proven water savers. Also, be sure to check out our Expert Answers, How to Advice and Green Tips pages which contain valuable tips and information that can help you as you install or maintain your lawn sprinkler system.


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The best time to water your lawn is in the morning. Water your lawn between 5:00 am and 10:00 am when water pressure is at it's best and the temperature is cool. Daytime watering is less efficient because of wind and evaporation from sunlight.

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