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Sprinkler Installation Manual

Sprinkler How To

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We have compiled this sprinkler installation manual of helpful hints and tricks of the trade to help you in completing your irrigation installation projects without a lot of unnecessary time delays and/or cost expenditures. This installation manual will help you learn how to install sprinklers and sprinkler systems. We hope you find it helpful.

Table of Contents
· Wiring A Sprinkler Controller
· Installing A Check Valve
· Secondary Water Connection
· Stop & Waste Installation
· Valve Assembly (Drip System)
· Valve Manifold Assembly Variations
· Pressure Vacuum Installation
· Typical Finished Installations
· Wire Connections
· Electrical Connection Variations
· Automatic Drain Installation
· Quick Coupler Valve Installation
· Hose Bib Valve Installation
· Swing Pipe/Funny Pipe Installation
· Manual Drain Valve Installation


Gluing Pipe and Fittings

Make sure all surfaces that are to be glued are clean and dry. Apply Primer to both surfaces thoroughly and evenly. Generously apply glue to both surfaces, quickly pushing them together while twisting (about a quarter of a turn.) The glue will dry in a few seconds, but will not reach its full strength for about 24 hours.

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Threaded Fittings

Apply thread sealant (teflon tape only) on the male threads, twisting the fittings together until they are finger tight--not hand tight. Tighten the fittings one to two turns more to seal the joint completely. Over tightening can easily break the fitting. Most manufacturers recommend not using pipe dope--and will even cancel their warranties if you do.

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Installing Drains

Drains should be installed at the lowest points of each lateral line. Install them at a 45 degree downward angle to allow for proper drainage. With drains, "more is better." They will save time, trouble, and added expense later.

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Flushing the System

Fushing the system is very important; it clears the pipes of foreign debris that will clog the system and cause problems later. Before installing the valves, flush the mainline thoroughly by turning on your stop & waste. (Make sure that dirty water can not re-enter the mainline.) Before installing the drains and sprinkler heads, flush all lateral lines by turning on the valves manually.

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Installing Sprinkler Heads

Be certain to install the plastic screens in each sprinkler head before you attach the nozzle; they help to prevent clogging and affecting the sprinkler performance. (Some manufacturers pre-install the screens for you--please check.)

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Electrical Wiring

Protect the wires between the controller and valves from damage by attaching the wire to the underneath side of the mainline, or by running it through conduit. This will save you time and money in the future. Use tape to secure the wire in place.

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© Copyright 2010, Harward Irrigation Systems
The information contained in this manual is for personal use only.
Any reproduction or redistribution of it, either in part or in full, is strictly forbidden.