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Wiring a Sprinkler Controller

Wiring a Sprinkler Controller

These instructions are provided as a general resource only. Please follow the installation instructions found in your irrigation controller's owner's manual.

1. Decide where you would like to locate the sprinkler controller. Most residential controllers should be installed indoors, i.e. the garage unless the sprinkler controller is designed for outdoor use. Follow the installation instructions that come with the sprinkler controller. You will need a 115V electrical outlet to plug in the low voltage transformer.

2. Use color-coded irrigation wire to connect the valves to the controller. The total number of wires you need is one for each of the electric valves, plus one common wire. If you are wiring a 5-zone system, purchase a combination of wires with at least 6 total wires long enough to reach from your controller to the farthest valve.

3. Installing Wire: Lay the wire in the trench from the controller to the valve manifolds. It is best to protect the wire from future digging by installing it directly beneath the pipe where possible. Leave an expansion loop of wire at each change of direction. The loop will ensure that the wires will not be installed too tightly and will reduce the possibility of stretching.

4. Connect the wires to the valves with waterproof connectors. You will need one wire for each valve, plus one common wire which will be connected to one of the wires on all of the valves.

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