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Point of Connection

Non-Freezing Climates

Use a brass compression tee to hook your sprinkler system to the household water supply line. You may hook up to copper, PVC, or galvanized iron service lines without having to solder or thread any pipe.

Most areas require some type of backflow preventer to protect drinking water. Copper pipe may be required between the P.O.C. and the backflow preventer. Always check the local building code or with the local permitting agency for the requirements in your area.

Freezing Climates

If the installation is in a freezing climate and the P.O.C. is in the basement, install a boiler drain immediately after the gate valve to drain the water in the pipe between the P.O.C. and the backflow preventer in the winter.

Install a slip x slip x 1 inch threaded tee with a riser and a threaded cap after the backflow preventer. This will be used when blowing out the system before the first deep freeze of winter.

Review Design

The design process is now complete. Check to make sure you have placed sprinklers in all areas. Also, review the pipe layout to be sure you have sized the pipe correctly. You are now ready to begin installing the system.

Most professional installers recommend PVC pipe for the constant pressure line from the backflow preventer to the zone control valves. Some communities require copper, however. Check local ordinances before laying out your system.
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Courtesy of Hunter Industries Inc.


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