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Valve Leaking when System is Off


Your irrigation valve is not closing completely once the system has been turned off. Water may still be coming out of sprinkler heads.


1: Dirt / Debris Preventing Valve from Closing

2: Valve or Valve Parts are broken

3: Valve Installed Backwards


(Dirt / Debris Preventing Valve from Closing): Take the valve apart, rinsing each piece to wash out any dirt or debris. Quickly flush system before putting parts back together. This will clean out debris that may have fallen into valve or pipe. Reassemble the valve and test your system to see if the valve is working. WARNING: TURN OFF WATER MAIN BEFORE TAKING YOUR VALVE APART! While rinsing out the valve pieces, look for any that look worn or damaged as this may also be causing the valve to stay open.

(Valve or Valve Parts are broken): Check the valve parts and replace any that are broken or torn (such as the diaphragm). WARNING: TURN OFF WATER MAIN BEFORE TAKING YOUR VALVE APART!

(Installed Backwards): Reinstall the valve so that the water flow is going to the correct direction. Most valves will have arrows on the valve that show the correct flow of water.

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