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Price: $3.99
  • Product Code: KRC429-007
  • Model: KRC429-007
3/4 Inch Sch 40 PVC Kwikrepair Coupler
KwikRepair coupler makes installation or repair of PVC lines faster, easier and more cost efficient with just one fitting. KwikRepairâ„¢ sleeves slide onto the pipe, eliminating bending or flexing of the pipe for in-line repair or replacement.
Do the job with just one fitting/Save time/Permanent solvent weld seal/Effective for limited space applications/Lower labor costs/Replace defective fittings or add to an existing system/Smooth interior wall results in less pressure loss and higher volume/Rated at a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F/PVC fittings never rust, scale or pit/Will provide many years of maintenance-free service and extended system life.