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3/4 INS. X 3/8 FP CPLR 1429-09

  • Product Code: 1429-099
  • Model: 1429-099 10/250
Blazing fast fittings require no tools, clamps, or other materials. Slips into the pipe quickly and easily. Patented lock ring technology slides back to lock the fittings into place. Double O-Ring seal prevents leaks and provides a secure fit. Tested in the field by contractors for over a year, blazing fast fittings are ready for your next installation.
Made of high impact abs and contain no metal or chloride like other fittings on the market, making them the most eco-friendly fitting,Tested to pressures over 400 psi and put through vigorous on/off cycling in excess of 250,000 cycles,Blazing products can not warranty use of blazing fast fittings used on main lines unless a master valve is used