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1-1/4 PVC INSERT PLUG 1449-012

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  • Product Code: 1449-012
  • Model: 1449-012 5/125
1 1/4" Plug Insert PVC Fitting. Our PVC Insert Fittings are Manufactured to meet or exceed requirements of ASTM D 2609, standard specification for Plastic Insert Fittings for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe. PVC Insert Fittings are not designed to fit or with Drip Irrigation Poly Tubing. PVC Insert Fittings are designed for use with either ASTM D 2104 Schedule 40 or D 2239 SIDR pressure
rated polyethylene pipe, for lawn sprinkler irrigation systems. Chemical and corrosion resistant, rigid PVC barbed inserts provide excellent grip with polyethylene materials. Made in United States by Dura Plastic Products. Dura Insert Fittings are produced from PVC Type 1, Grade 1. Dura Plastic Products does not recommend the use of thermoplastic piping products for systems to transport or store compressed air or gases, or the testing of thermoplastic piping systems with compressed air or gases in above and below ground locations. The use of our product in compressed air or gas systems automatically voids any warranty for such products, and its use against our recommendation is entirely the responsibility and liability of the installer. For best results a Hose Clamp is required. 1 1/4" Barb Outside Diameter Max: 1.425" Min: 1.395".
PVC made from virgin resin for durability and strength,Used in poly pipe irrigation systems,Push to conect joined by pinch clamps, worm clamps, or threading