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PVC Tube Fitting, Plug, Schedule 40, Gray, 1-1/2" Barbed

Price: $1.89
  • Product Code: 1449-015
  • Model: 1449-015 5/125
The 1449 series tube fitting is made of gray polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and connects to the open end of schedule 40 polyethelene (PE) pipe. This plug has a barbed fitting to close the end of flexible PE pipe and creates a tight seal when used with a hose clamp (sold separately). PVC is corrosion resistant, and has high strength. It resists reactions with acids, gasoline, alcohol, and hydrocarbons. The fitting meets D 2609 standards set by ASTM International for plastic insert fittings for use with PE pipe, as well as ASTM schedule 40 standards for wall thickness to support working pressure to 140 psi. It is certified by NSF International for use with potable water.
Plug for closing the end of a pipe,Fitting connects to schedule 40 PE pipe,PVC for strength and resistance to reactions with acids, gasoline, alcohol, and hydrocarbons