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1 1/4 Inch Sch 40 PVC Male Thread X Slip 90 Degree Elbow

Price: $3.49
  • Product Code: 410-012
  • Model: 410-012 5/50
1 1/4 inch Sch 40 PVC Male Thread x Slip 90 Degree Elbow
The 410-012 1-1/4" Schedule 40 PVC Street ELL is made of durable, industry approved PVC material. These fittings are used in a variety of PVC applications around the world
1 1/4" slip x 1 1/4" MIPT 90° street elbow
For Sch 40 PVC pipe
Perfect for joining smooth PVC pipe to FIPT threaded pipe
Smooth interior wall results in less pressure loss and higher volume
Rated at a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F
PVC fittings never rust, scale or pit
Will provide many years of maintenance-free service and extended system life