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3/4 X 1/2 SNAP TEE SST 464-101

Price: $2.79
  • Product Code: 464-101
  • Model: 464-101 1/125
Can be used to add a T to any piece of rigid PVC pipe. Just glue the pipe and fitting, snap it onto the pipe, then use a drill to cut a whole in from the top through the center socket (if not already done) and glue your pipe in.
Snap-on saddle pipe fitting to create a branch connection on a pipe
IPS saddle fitting with a female NPT threaded end for the branch connection
PVC for corrosion resistance, high strength, and less weight than fittings made from metal
Smooth interior finish for reduced friction and material buildup
Meets NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G, NSF/ANSI 372 for quality assurance