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12 Inch 2-Outlet Drainage Kit With Green Grate And Sandtrap

Price: $75.39
  • Product Code: 120-K
  • Model: 120-K
Dura 120-K 12" Double Outlet Drainage Kit with Green Grate. Dura Plastic Products provides users with high-quality plastic drainage products engineered with a durable Polypropylene construction. Dura takes pride in implementing changes to better their products, and deliver users with the best possible product in the market. Dura follows their Quality by Design motto, and it has allowed the family owned business to be recognized as an industry leader. This Dura 120-K 12" Double Outlet Drainage Kit with Green Grate is formed out of High Density Polyethylene, a heavy duty plastic material. This 12" Square Catch Basin attaches directly to PVC waste lines, and can be replaced with little effort. The 12" Square Grate is Green, and mounts easily on the Catch Basin. This Double Outlet Basin increases flow through the pipes, and catches large debris, sand, and other heavier grains as they pass through the basin. This 12" Double Outlet Catch Basin comes in Black.
Meets Load Rating Class A: Loads of 0-60 PSI Recommended for Light Pedestrian, Bicycle & Wheel Chair Traffic,For use with 3" & 4": Sewer & Drain Pipe, Corrugated Pipe, Triple Wall Pipe & 4" Sch 40 Pipe,12" Double Outlet Drainage Kit with Green Grate