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Blue Rotor Sprinkler Nozzle Set

Price: $0.39
  • Product Code: 665300BOX
  • Model: 665300BOX
Blue Rotor Sprinkler Nozzle Set
A marriage of superior coverage and the industry standard for visual appearance. The new Blue Nozzle has a new look and design to their nozzles to provide better water distribution.
Easier-than-ever installation: Flat face of nozzles allows for quicker insertion
Nozzles compatible with your current PGP rotors: Able to retrofit into any PGP rotors as far back as 1982
Simplified nozzle identification system: Easy-to-read number equals the flow rate (nozzles feature metric flow rate on back of rack)
Exceptional close-in, mid-range coverage: Even distribution ensures no dry areas or brown spots
More visually appealing watering pattern: Appearance receives higher customer satisfaction rating
Weight: 0.02 lbs
Material: Plastic
Two year manufacturer's warranty