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2 Station Decoder

Price: $175.59
  • Product Code: ICD-200
  • Model: ICD-200
Decoder station sizes available: 1, 2, 4, 6 Max distance to decoder,14 AWG wire path: 10,000 ft. Sensor decoder available with Flow and Click inputs, Max distance to decoder, 12 AWG wire path: 15,000 ft. Max recommended distance, decoder to solenoid: 150 ft. Field programmable decoders, ICD-HP wireless handheld programmer compatible Two-way communications Surge suppression: Internal (ground wire included), Dual pump/master valve outputs may be assigned to decoders Wire path connectors included with each decoder Number of wire paths: 6, Automatic daily weather-based scheduling with optional Hunter Solar Sync sensor.
INCLUDES ALL FEATURES OF THE ACC CONTROLLER, PLUS DECODER OPERATIONS - The ACC-99D starts with the ACC controller and adds all of its advanced features plus the benefits of a two-wire decoder system.