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2" Plastic Globe Valve With Filter Sentry

Price: $173.39
  • Product Code: ICV-201G-FS
  • Model: ICV-201G-FS
Created to handle the wide range of conditions different sites will bring, this valve includes both a fabric reinforced diaphragm and flow control as standard features, and can consistently withstand pressures of up to 220 PSI while handling the continual hammer that such forces will produce. In addition to its unmatched reliability, the ICV is also exceptionally easy to maintain. Its bonnet fasteners can be loosened and tightened using a variety of common contractor tools. A Filter Sentry is also added to this model for applications that involve dirty water.
External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy “at the valve” activation
40 to 150 GPM
Filter Sentry scours the filter clean with a wiper that slides up and covers the entire screen when the valve opens. Even more, the wiper continues to scrub the filter's upper part during valve operation. Filter Sentry can be added after the valve is installed as well.
Glass-filled nylon construction results in the highest pressure rating
Double-beaded diaphragm seal design assures leak free performance
Fabric reinforced EPDM diaphragm and EPDM seat ensure superior performance in all water conditions
Captive bonnet bolts provide hassle-free valve maintenance
Low flow capability allows for use with Hunter's micro irrigation products
Encapsulated 24 VAC solenoid with captive plunger for hassle-free service
Temperature rating: 150° F
Warranty period: 5 years