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6" Pop-Up Spray Head

Price: $7.09
  • Product Code: PROS-06
  • Model: PROS-06
Pro-Spray heads feature durable construction that is second to none, exclusive body cap design which does not leak even when loosened, and a reliable, easy to adjust two-piece ratchet. Pro-Sprays are compatible with Pro Adjustable Nozzles, Pro Fixed Nozzles, and MP Rotators. All models also include a user-friendly pull-ring flush cap to keep debris and clogging to a minimum. The Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler head is compatible with all industry standard female nozzles offering a high degree of flexibility.
Heavy-duty body and cap construction
Pressure activated, multi-funciton, no flow-by wiper seal that is easy to remove and clean; treated with UV inhibitors to ensure long life
Compatible with all female threaded nozzles
Ratcheting riser for quick arc alignment allows you to make adjustments while the sprinkler is operating
Heavy-duty spring for positive retraction under any conditions
Pull ring flash plug design allows limited flow permitting controlled directional flushing
1/2" standard side inlet
Pressure range: 15 to 70 psi
Flow-by: 0 at 10 psi or greater; 0.1 gpm otherwise
Pop-up Height: 6"
Overall height: 8"
Inlet: 1/2" female threaded
Exposed diameter: 2-1/4"