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12" Pop-Up Spray Head

Price: $16.69
  • Product Code: PROS-12
  • Model: PROS-12
Pro-Spray heads feature durable construction that is second to none, exclusive body cap design which does not leak even when loosened, and a reliable, easy to adjust two-piece ratchet. Pro-Sprays are compatible with Pro Adjustable Nozzles, Pro Fixed Nozzles, and MP Rotators. All models also include a user-friendly pull-ring flush cap to keep debris and clogging to a minimum. The Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler head is compatible with all industry standard female nozzles offering a high degree of flexibility.
Heavy-duty body and cap construction/Pressure activated, multi-funciton, no flow-by wiper seal that is easy to remove and clean; treated with UV inhibitors to ensure long life/Compatible with all female threaded nozzles/Ratcheting riser for quick arc alignment allows you to make adjustments while the sprinkler is operating/Heavy-duty spring for positive retraction under any conditions/Pull ring flash plug design allows limited flow permitting controlled directional flushing/Pressure range: 15 to 70 psi/Flow-by: 0 at 10 psi or greater; 0.1 gpm otherwise/Overall Height: 16-1/8"/Pop-up Height: 12"/Exposed Diameter: 2This efficient watering tool combines the rugged Pro-Spray body and replaces the traditional nozzle with a MP Rotator/Regulated at 40PSI, the Pro-Spray PRS40 ensures the optimum output pressure to achieve maximum efficiency/It is recommended for both residential and commercial applications.
Inlet Size: ½" female NPT