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2 Inch Pop-up Spray Head With Adjustable Nozzle

Price: $4.81
  • Product Code: PSU0212A
  • Model: PSU-02-12A
Hunter 2 inch PS Ultra Spray with 12A Nozzle PS Ultra 2" pop up spray head with a 12A adjustable nozzle for even reliable coverage of a 12' area. The 2" compact sprinkler comes with a pre-installed 12' Pro Adjustable Nozzle. Crisp, well-defined edges, ease of adjustment, matched precipitation rate throughout nozzle selection and even distribution should make your decision an easy one when choosing a slim line spray. This new spray body incorporates a reliable two-piece ratchet, durable cap, male threaded riser, and large filter screen. Additionally, the 2" models are retro-compatible with existing PS spray bodies allowing a quick and easy upgrade to an exceptional new product. A pre-installed Pro Adjustable Nozzle or a flush plug version is available, allowing for maximum flexibility when choosing the right tool for the job.
Heavy duty wiper seal: Eliminates flow-by/Extra large filter screen and nozzle screen provide double filtration/Two-piece ratchet is stronger and more dependable, for reliable performance in the field/Enhanced cap design for more durability, easier handling, and extended seal life/Male threaded riser accommodates all Hunter female threaded nozzles /Pre-installed Pro Adjustable Nozzle maximizes flexibility and performance.