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Solar Sync Sensor

Price: $98.89
  • Product Code: SOLARSYNCSEN
For use with Hunter controllers in which the Solar Sync programming is already built in. Module not required for X-Core, I-Core 3.0, PC-400, PC-400i and ACC controllers. Rain and Freeze sensor shutdown capability included in sensor. Smart irrigation control made simple! Gutter mount bracket included. Provides automated daily adjustment to program run times.
The Solar Sync ET sensor is an advanced weather sensor that calculates evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts Hunter controllers daily based on local weather conditions. Solar Sync measures sunlight and temperature, and uses ET to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller. The controller then uses its programmed run time and adjusts to Solar Sync’s seasonal adjustment value to modify the actual irrigation run time for that day. In addition, the Solar Sync ET sensor integrates Hunter’s popular Rain-Clik™ and Freeze-Clik® sensors providing quick response in shutting down your irrigation system during rain and/or freezing conditions. The Solar Sync is compatible with most Hunter controllers and applicable to residences, businesses, and municipalities alike.