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GPRS Cellular Data Module

Price: $2,160.59
  • Product Code: ACCCOMGPRS
PC-based central control software for wide-area system management. Hunter's Irrigation Management & Monitoring Software (IMMS) is a PC-based software package that makes central control of large-scale irrigation systems affordable, usable, and comprehensible. IMMS software and hardware have been intensively developed and refined into a graphically based irrigation command and control program. With IMMS, interactive map graphics (to station level) put the irrigation system manager in complete visual control of wide-area watering operations. An optional ET software add-on provides complete weather-based irrigation with station level soil moisture modeling, using inexpensive local ET sensors. IMMS has a full range of communications options, including Ethernet, GPRS mobile, dial-up telephone, UHF radio, and hardwired cable. IMMS is a PC-based application that is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8.
Windows-based programming and communications software
Total control of each controller’s functions
Graphical user interface with customizable map-based navigation
Flow monitoring and reporting with Hunter ACC controllers
Alarm reporting and detailed irrigation history reports
Wireless and hardwired communication options, including Ethernet and GPRS
Controller sharing of communication channels to reduce communications costs
Compatible with water-saving Hunter Solar Sync sensors, or optional Hunter ET Sensors