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I-60 Full Circle Spray Pop-Up Sprinkler, 4-Inch

Price: $160.49
  • Product Code: I6036S
  • Model: I6036S
The I-60 is ideal for large-area turf sites with lower pressures. For all the municipal, sports, and commercial sites where low pressure persists, the I-60 is here. The I-60 was designed to provide low-pressure systems with long-range ability. This great innovation stops sites such as municipalities, city parks or community sports complexes from needing expensive pumps and large pipes required to boost pressure.
Model stainless riser: 4"
Standard factory installed nozzle: #13
Exclusive PRECISION DISTRIBUTION CONTROLâ„¢ nozzle mechanism
I-60-ADS Arc setting: 40–360 degrees
I-60-36S Arc setting: full-circle only
Nozzle choices: 6
Nozzle range: #7 to #20
Factory installed rubber cover
Through-the-top arc adjustment
Quick check arc mechanism
Water lubricated gear-drive
Warranty period: 5 years