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I-Core Dual Controller 48-Station Controller Base Model With Stainless Steel Cabinet

Price: $2,192.69
  • Product Code: IC600SS
  • Model: IC-600-SS
Use DUAL to convert the I-Core to a cutting edge two-wire controller. DUAL is Hunter’s innovative two-wire plug-in for the I-Core controller. Designed to bring the convenience and efficiency of two-wire technology to all, the DUAL system can operate up to 48 zones via a single pair of wires, at distances up to 7,500 feet (2.3 km). The 48 zones can all be installed on a single path, or divided over multiple paths to take advantage of pipe trenches. Because it only requires two wires, DUAL offers unmatchable savings in labor, wire, and money. Since it’s I-Core compatible, system operators still receive advanced features and benefits like flow monitoring, quick system overview access, a factory-installed SmartPort®, six language capability, and a bold, graphic display. Dual decoders come in one and two-station versions. Aptly named Dual-1 and Dual-2, the decoder choices ensure any I-Core Dual system is customizable to the needs of any installation.
Two-wire decoder system for I-Core controllers
Decoder station sizes available: 1, 2
Field programmable decoders (no serial numbers to enter)
DUAL-S external surge arresters
DUAL decoder module display and push button programming makes it easy to program decoders at the controller itself
DUAL decoders can be field programmed with the Hunter ICD-HP. No need to remove decoders from the two-wire path
Decoder module displays decoder operation and diagnostic information
Waterproof connectors for connection to two-wire path included with all DUAL decoders and DUAL-S surge arrester
Can operate up to 48 stations of combined decoder and conventional control, making system retrofit easy
Number of 2-wire paths: 3
Solenoid finder feature assists in locating valves in the field.