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ICV Globe Valve With 1 Inch HY100 Filter System And 1 Inch Outlet 40 PSI Regulator

Price: $203.22
  • Product Code: ICZ10140
  • Model: ICZ-101-40
ICV Globe Valve with 1 Inch HY100 Filter System and 1 Inch Outlet 40 PSI Regulator
For the demanding low flow requirements of commercial job sites, Hunter’s ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit is here. This convenient all-in-one kit, offers the superior performance of the Hunter ICV valve with Filter Sentry along with a stainless steel filter and high flow pressure regulator. Because the kit includes pressure regulation that ensures a consistent 25 or 40 PSI, the ICZ makes it possible to accommodate drip needs in an environment where it would normally be difficult to do so. With everything pre-assembled and water tested, the ICZ provides a hassle-free way to install drip zones on commercial jobs.
Factory-assembled and water-tested
Highest quality components (stainless steel filter screen, standard flush cap, top-of-the-line regulator)
Filter Sentry diaphragm screen cleaning system on ICZ kits
Wide flow range to cover most micro irrigation applications.
5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty