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Hunter SRM06 Dr. Sprinkler 6 PGJ Adjustable Rotor

Price: $18.42
  • Product Code: SRM06
  • Model: SRM-06
Hunter Dr. Sprinkler 6 PGJ Adjustable Rotor

* Radius adjustment up to 25%, allows fine tuning of spray, ensures positive nozzle retention

* Part circle and full circle operation in one unit, easily adjustable 40? to 360? from top of sprinkler, up, down, wet or dry

* Quick check arc/fast forward for quick verification of arc set points

* Proven water lubricated gear drive matches superior reliability of time-tested PGP drives, U.S. Patent Numbers 4,568,024 and 4,718,605

* Heavy-duty pressure activated riser seal, stops wasteful excess flow

* Variable stator keeps rotation speed consistent regardless of nozzle size or pressure

* Extra large filter screen traps more debris without clogging

* Prevents wet spots and low-head drainage