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Rain Dial 9 Station Residential Outdoor Controller

Price: $210.79
  • Product Code: RD900-EXT-R
  • Model: RD900-EXT-R
The Irritrol RD900-EXT is a nine station residential outdoor controller in the Rain Dial Series. These controllers offer scheduling flexibility and simple programming. One of the most feature-packed yet simple-to-use
sprinkler system controllers available
Modular design provides easy access to valve wiring terminals and battery. Simple, snap-out control module for convenient Armchair programming before installation. Remote Control ready Built-in remote plug jack for use with Irritrol handheld remote models CMR-KIT and KSR-KIT. Non-volatile Memory Keeps user-defined watering program information in memory for years without power! Maintains current time and date up to 24 hours without A.C. power input or battery backup. Battery back-up Maintains current time and date during an intermittent power outage. Also enables the Rain Dial to be programmed prior to installation. 3 independent watering Programs Enables different watering routines to be set for trees, lawns and garden. 3 Start Times per Program Provides three separate watering cycle start times for each program. Skip Days scheduling Enables watering days to be determined by an interval ranging from 1 to every 31 days. Odd/Even date scheduling Municipalities and water purveyors will sometimes mandate Odd/Even date watering as a water conservation measure. No problem for Rain Dial! Day Exclusion with Odd/Even and Skip Days scheduling Enables individual days within an Odd/Even or Skip Days schedule to be excluded from operation. Overlapping or Stacking of Programs Enables Programs or manual stations to operate one at a time or 3 simultaneously. Station Test Program Enables a test run time to be set for all stations and operated in sequence. Perfect for new installations!