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Ridgid 22163 22163 RECEIVER, SR-60 UTILITY LOC

Price: $3.41
  • Product Code: 22163
  • Model: 22163
The fastest, easiest, most versatile receiver available; ideal for underground cable location, utility location, or other line locates through passive or active line tracing, Trace any frequency from 10 Hz to 490 kHz from transmitters, sondes (beacons), SeeSnake reels, and energized lines (wire tracers), Trace energized lines (line trace) and sondes (beacons) simultaneously with Simultrace technology, Superior graphic interface with an LCD screen providing a graphic representation of the equator line, poles, guidance lines, signal strength, depth readings, etc, Ease of use and accuracy of the RIDGID SR-20 but with ALL locatable frequencies.
King Drain are preferred by Irrigation Professionals. During cold periods, water in your sprinkler system can be your worst enemy. Most experts recommend the addition of drains where freezing may affect the soil more than one foot deep. Along with winterization, strategically-placed drains insure against damage to your investment. King Drains are designed to exceed the working pressures of all lateral or main line installations. Fittings mount under sprinkler heads preventing freeze damage and low sprinkler head overflow. Valve protectors are engineered for installation adjacent to sensitive solenoid valves to prevent costly freeze cracking in the housing.