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K-Rain Variable Arc Female Nozzle, 10-Feet

Price: $0.89
  • Product Code: KVF10
  • Model: KVF10
Increase the versatility of any Spray Body accepting a Female Threaded Nozzle with K-Rain's precisely engineered KVF Series Nozzles.

K-Rain KVF Nozzles can be easily set (no tools required) at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees, allowing sprinklers to be fine-tuned to exactly the precise pattern needed.
10 foot radius/Fully adjustable pattern/Fits K-Rain, Hunter, and Rain Bird and all male threaded risers/Color coded for easy identification during installation and maintenance/KVF Nozzles are perfect for a-typical, hard-to-handle landscape shapes and walkways or irregularly shaped planter beds/Extra long fine-screen filter for maximum time between cleanings.