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Price: $273.29
  • Product Code: PW3500
  • Model: PW3500
The sound of a waterfall cascading down rocks into a pond or stream enhances the auditory experience in a way no other water feature can. A waterfall further benefits fish and plant life by oxygenating the water as it returns to its basin. Our waterfall pumps are solidly constructed with non-corrosive components, ceramic mechanical seal and brass insert in the 11/4-inch discharge. Their water-cooled, no-oil design ensures safe and efficient operation without fear of harm to ornamental fish or aquatic plants. Heavy duty motor shaft ball-bearings for longevity. Energy efficient capacitor-start motor. Use submerged only. Warranty: 6 months. Pump construction is completely non-corrosive. 20-feet, 16-gauge power cord for convenience. Max flow 3900GPH, 23-feet max height. Capacity 3500 gallon per hour.
Direct drive 3500 GPH waterfall pump/Max flow 3900GPH, 23-feet max height/Use submerged only/Pump construction is completely non-corrosive/Capacity 3500 gallon per hour; 6 month warranty