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Price: $10.79
  • Product Code: 470S06
  • Model: 470S06
PVC Unions are durable and heavy-duty. They thread together smoothly and seal tightly with thick EPDM o-rings that stay in the body of the fitting. Unions come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. We have a full line available to accommodate all your future needs. The knobs on the outer Union body ensure they can be tightened and loosened by hand in most situations. When further tightening a Union in place or loosening it after years of service your wrench will fit snugly on the knobs running along the outside of the fitting body. In most situations hand tightening is recommended to ensure proper sealing between the two halves of the Union.
Gray Union with Socket x Socket end connectors ; High quality EPDM O-Rings ensures a good long term seal and prevents leaks. ; Ergonomic design allows for better grip and aids in tightening and loosening the union ; This must have PVC fitting works great for installations that may require service or repair