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Rainbird SPX Swing Pipe 100'

Price: $26.51
  • Product Code: SPX
  • Model: A82060
100 Ft. Coil, Linear low-density polyethylene material, Enhanced kink resistance ¬¬– up to 30% more flexible than other swing pipe brands, Sure-grip textured surface makes it easy to attach fittings, even in wet conditions, 0.49 in. (1,24 cm) I.D., Operating pressure 80 psi (5,5 bar).
The Rain Bird swing pipe system allows positioning underground sprinkler heads around hardscapes, terraces, plantings and uneven terrain. Absorbing shock from mowers and other traffic, this flexible tubing system helps minimize repairs and prolongs sprinkler life. A complete range of tubing lengths, fittings and swing assemblies are available to suit installation requirements.