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Rainbird 1812PRS Pop-up Spray Head 12"

Price: $27.99
  • Product Code: 1812PRS
  • Model: A50405
Rainbird Pop-up Spray Head 12" SKU: 1812PRS The 1800 PRS Series is designed for areas with high and/or widely fluctuating water pressures, and has all 1800 Series features, plus: Note: this is the spray head only 1812-PRS: 12" pop-up height (30 cm) Patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem. No parts to be installed at the site. Saves time and money. Maintains constant outlet pressure at 30 psi (2,1 Bars). Spray heads and nozzles perform best at 30 psi. Ensures maximum spray head and nozzle performance, even with varying inlet pressures. Maintains constant pressure regardless of nozzle used.

  • Restricts water loss by up to 70% if nozzle is removed or damaged. Saves water and money. Reduces possibility of accidents and property damage. Recommended for vandal prone areas.

  • Ends misting and fogging caused by high pressure. Stops water waste. Ensures necessary watering occurs in high pressure or wind conditions.

  • Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic and brass spray head nozzles.

  • "PRS" stamped on cap for easy identification and maintenance.

  • Five-year professional customer satisfaction policy.

  • 12 in. 1800-series pop-up sprinkler with Rain Bird® Flow Optimizer™ Technology,Patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem,No parts to be installed at the site