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Rainbird ESP8MC Four Program Hybrid Controller

Price: $471.29
  • Product Code: ESP8MC
  • Model: F38100
Rainbird Four Program Hybrid ControlleR SKU: ESP8MC ,The power of an advanced water-management tool in an easy-to-use package. The ESP-MC is a commercial-duty controller for the basic or sophisticated user. Four programs, a real-time calendar, Rain Bird's exclusive Cycle+Soak? water management software, and the best customer satisfaction program in the industry, helping you conserve both water and money. ESP-8MC: 8 stations ESP: Extra Simple Programming with self-prompting large alphanumeric LCD display makes this controller easy to program, read and understand.Enhanced protection against lightning and contamination assures reliable performance and safeguards your investment. 12-hour watering duration for any or all stations to aid in drip compatibility. # Four independent programs, with eight start times each, allow mixed irrigation applications in a single controller.Two master valve/pump start terminals, one programmable by station, to provide better irrigation control All programs can overlap to maximize hydraulic efficiency and minimize watering time. 365-day calendar with leap year intelligence for one-time date and time setting. Event-Day-Off option to set any day of the month as a non-watering day for all programs. Programmable rain delay enables system to stay off for up to 99 days with auto-restart.
12 hour watering duration: Any or all stations to aid in drip compatibility,4 independent programs with eight start times each: Allow mixed irrigation applications in a single controller, Two master valve/pump start terminals: One programmable by station to provide better irrigation control