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Rainbird RBY075MPTX Element Inline 3/4" WYE Filter With 200 Mesh Screen

Price: $23.19
  • Product Code: RBY075MPTX
  • Model: X14004
Rainbird Element Inline 1" WYE Filter with 200 Mesh Screen SKU: RBY100MPTX 1" male to male Glass-filled nylon construction provides 150 psi pressure rating through MPT connections. Replacement filter elements are available in three configurations: 200-mesh (75-micron); 150-mesh (100-micron) and 100-mesh (150-micron) models. Cap has a sealing o-ring and unthreads to provide access to filter element for easy cleaning. Flow: 1" WYE Filter : 0.2 to 12 GPM (0,01 to 0,76 l/s)
Male x male threaded connections for direct connection to valves and pressure regulators, Replacement stainless steel filter elements are available in 200 mesh (75 micron), Three-year trade warranty