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2" Brass Electric Sprinkler Valve

Price: $447.33
  • Product Code: 200EFBCP
  • Model: B32953
Red brass construction for longer life and more rugged performance. Amination-proof, self-flushing nylon screen resists debris build-up. Water flow consistently flushes the screen, dislodging particles and debris before they can accumulate and clog the filter. Reverse flow feature ensures valves fail in the closed position if the diaphragm tears or rips. Prevents flooding, water waste and landscape damage. Exceptional feature for master valves or valves used in slope areas. Manual internal and external bleed. External bleed does not allow debris to go through the solenoid ports when system is flushed. Internal bleed manually operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box; allows pressure regulator to be adjusted without turning the valve on at the controller first. Accommodates optional, field installed PRS-D pressure regulating module to ensure maximum sprinkler performance.
2 in. (50/60) Brass Valve/Normally closed, reverse flow design ensures valve will fail in the closed position if a tear or rip in the diaphragm occurs/Prevents flooding, water waste and landscape damage