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Rainbird PRF075RBY 3/4" Pressure 30 Psi Regulating RBY Drip Filter With 200 Mesh Screen

Price: $28.29
  • Product Code: PRF075RBY
  • Model: X13000

Unique, compact unit that combines filtration and pressure regulation in one piece for protection of downstream components in a low-volume irrigation system. Reduces the number of components in a control zone, making it smaller and easier to install. More control zones can fit in one valve box! Combination unit reduces the number of connections, making installation easier and faster. Increased reliability - fewer parts and fewer threaded connections mean less chance of a leak both at installation and over the life of the system.

3/4 in. static RBY filter regulates pressure to a nominal 30 psi (2.0 bar)/PF RBY Filter Cap has sealing O-ring and unthreads to provide access to the filter element for easy cleaning/30 psi pressure regulator is integrated into the filter body - Works with all valves to create a simple, efficient control zone/Robust body and cap are made of glass-filled polypropylene and provide 150 psi (10.3 bar) pressure rating/Comes with 200 mesh (75 micron) screen pre-assembled (replacement filter elements are available for RBY filter)