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I-Wob UP3 Dark Turquoise #20.5 Nozzle, 41/128

Price: $1.39
  • Product Code: 1465040
  • Model: 1465040
I-Wob UP3 Dark Turquoise #20.5 Nozzle, 41/128
Senninger’s UP3 (Universal Pivot Products Platform) products make changing nozzles virtually one handed. The new design makes the base of each applicator an integral part of the bracket. Each applicator can be installed directly into a pressure regulator or onto a standard 3/4″ NPT female connection with no special threads or fittings required. This increases reliability as fewer parts equal a longer product life.
The new UP3 easy snap in nozzle is ideal for irrigators.
Just pinch and pull to remove the nozzle; place and click to re-install.
Cleaning and changing nozzles is simple no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler.
The color-coded nozzles are highly visible and easy to identify.
The nozzle numbers are visible on the ears, with half-sizes denoted beneath the second digit and notches on the lower edge of the nozzle.