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I-Wob UP3 Maroon #22.5 Nozzle, 45/128

Price: $1.39
  • Product Code: 1465390
  • Model: 1465390
The UP3 Maroon #22.5 notched nozzle is designed to be used with the new Senninger UP3 I-Wob. The new UP3 easy snap in nozzle is ideal for irrigators. Just pinch and pull to remove the nozzle; place and click to re-install. Cleaning and changing nozzles is simple - no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler. The color-coded nozzles are highly visible and easy to identify. The nozzle numbers are visible on the ears, with half-sizes denoted beneath the second digit and notches on the lower edge of the nozzle.
Weight: 0.012 lbs
Warranty: 5 year warranty