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12' Variable Arc Nozzle

Price: $2.41
  • Product Code: TRTVAN12
  • Model: TRTVAN12
Quick, easy and infinitely adjustable! Toro Variable Arc Nozzles (TVAN) are designed to deliver excellent irrigation efficiency with maximum versatility.
Compatibility with any female threaded riser made means one nozzle family can meet all your needs/Five Color-coded Nozzles Allow for quick and easy identification even when retracted/Infinitely Adjustable From 0 Degrees - 360 Degrees The TVAN provides a variety of arc settings to precisely match any terrain and reduces inventory by meeting the needs of any size or shape landscape/Stainless steel adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction/Unique Grip And Turn Adjustment Requires no tools and makes arc setting fast and simple. Adjust from the top of the nozzle wet or dry/Matched Precipitation Rates Ensures all nozzles apply water at approximately the same rate/Two year manufacturer's warranty/Easy grip top makes arc adjustment from 0 Degrees -360 Degrees a snap.