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Price: $38.39
  • Product Code: 2540604
  • Model: 2540604
Toro® 254 Series valves are made of durable engineering plastic and stainless-steel construction for exceptional stability.
  • Heavy-Duty Toro Solenoid
  • Provides dependable operation and long life.
  • Optional Flow Control
  • Allows the ability to adjust the flow of each zone.
  • Comprehensive Inlet and Outlet Choices
  • Flexibility for new installations and retrofit projects.
  • Single-Piece Rubber Diaphragm
  • For reliable, leak-tight closing.
  • Tough, Glass-Filled Zytel Bonnet And Body
  • Durable construction that provides years of reliable operation.
  • Manual flow control adjustable to zero flow
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel metering pin
  • External manual bleed
  • Low in-rush solenoid