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Price: $20.59
  • Product Code: V15504LFLP
  • Model: V15504LFLP
* V-1550's MultiMatrx? nozzle allows you to adjust from 0.85 to 11.62 GPM. The MultiMatrx design saves labor costs and lowers the need to keep additional nozzles on hand. What's more, it makes post-installation inspections a snap. * The TruJectory? system allows you to adjust the water stream's trajectory from 7 to 25 degrees, allowing a radius from 19' to 55'. The TruJectory is adjusted from the top of the sprinkler-wet or dry. * Smart Arc? memory on the V-1550 maintains the previously set arc. It automatically returns your arc back to its original setting-doing so via the fastest path possible. * A check valve is standard to prevent low-head drainage, keeping laterals charged with water. * Servi-Snap? is the time-proven snap-ring design that provides easier access for maintenance requirements. With the snap-ring retention system, there is minimal dirt to remove around the sprinkler. Access to the internal assembly is quick and easy.