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Price: $147.82
  • Product Code: 112-RB-02
  • Model: 112-RB-02
When unattractive septic tanks, pipes, electrical transformers, or pool filters leaves your front or backyard looking drab and industrial, how do you retain the natural beauty? Enter the Artificial Rock Enclosure. This 36 inch wide by 9 inch tall enclosure hides unsightly objects and even enhances the attractiveness of your yard. Each rock formation is so natural-looking that it's nearly impossible to distinguish it from the real thing. Whether used individually or with several grouped together, this rock enclosure will not only hide industrial blemishes in your yard, but will also add to the natural surroundings. 
Septic Risers And Manhole Lids Up To 30" In Diameter,Common Uses: Septic Lid,Materials Polyethylene