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Price: $17.31
  • Product Code: ALGA32
  • Model: ALGA32
Manufactured By Ecological Labs, Made In The United States, Designed and made with the highest standards in aquatic performance in mind, Stops Algae Growth In Ponds And Can Be Applied To Areas That Contain Fish And Plants, It Is Currently Going Through Pea Registration ReviewIf Animals Are Present Clean Out Excess Algae Or Use Before Temperature Exceeds 75 Degrees Fahrenheit2 Teaspoons (2 Capfuls) Treats 120 Gallons32-Ounce Bottle, Stops algae growth in ponds and can be applied to areas that contain fish and plants, It is currently going through EPA registration review.
Ecological Labs Microbe Lift Alga way 5.4 Pond Gallon. Manufactured by Ecological Labs. Made in United States.